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The case for global real estate

Sandip Bhalsod - 14 JUL 2016

Stronger diversification and a wider opportunity set are just two of the reasons to consider investing globally.


Are central banks out of ammunition?

Stewart Robertson - 14 JUL 2016

The ‘Brexit’ vote has left the spotlight on the Bank of England (BoE), and follows signs the market’s confidence in central banks has started to wane. But can a central bank ever run out of ammunition? Stewart Robertson, senior economist, considers the evidence.


A creative approach to alternative income assets

John Dewey - 12 JUL 2016

With bond yields and equity returns falling, investors are increasingly looking to new, secure sources of income. Unusual assets such as solar panels and energy facilities could be worth considering, writes John Dewey


Brexit: New age of uncertainty to support sovereign bonds?

Charlie Diebel - 11 JUL 2016

With political risk showing no sign of abating in the wake of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, gilt yields could move even lower in the coming months, argues Charlie Diebel.


China: Thoughts on Chairman Mouse

Will Ballard - 11 JUL 2016

Hong Kong and Macau have profited from the boom in mainland Chinese tourism and consumerism. But this may be ending, with implications for China’s two Special Administrative Regions, say Ed Wiltshire and Will Ballard.


Brexit: impact on European real estate

Chris Urwin - 05 JUL 2016

European real estate prospects remain encouraging, despite heightened political risk and more uncertainty, says Monika Sujkowska.



View from the Floor: Brexit - the impact on institutional investors and private assets

- 30 JUN 2016

Following the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, John Dewey, Mark Versey and Barry Fowler consider the implications for institutional investors and private assets.