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Is commercial aerospace starting its descent?

- 28 SEP 2016

Commercial aerospace has delivered strong profits in the past decade, but over-capacity issues are beginning to weigh on the sector.


Finding diversification in a correlated world

Trevor Leydon - 27 SEP 2016

The actions of central banks have helped fuel returns since the end of the financial crisis and increased correlations between assets. Diversification may not seem so important in a world of rising asset prices, but its virtues will become all too apparent when the market turns.


View from the Floor: Geopolitical Risk: Big, bad and here to stay

- 26 SEP 2016

In the latest View from the Floor podcast, Nick Samouilhan, Peter Fitzgerald, Trevor Leydon and Stewart Robertson discuss the impact of geopolitical risk on global financial markets.


Share buybacks - short-term gain, long-term pain?

Richard Saldanha - 26 SEP 2016

With earnings hard to come by in a low-growth world, American companies offering sustainable revenue and earnings growth, rather than short-term fixes like share buybacks, are likely to be rewarded, argues Richard Saldanha.


Global reflation to triumph over deflation

Michael Grady - 25 SEP 2016

The threat of deflation that has loomed large over the global economy in recent years is finally starting to lift as the US recovery and accommodative monetary and fiscal policies take effect, writes Michael Grady


The Thais That Bind

Ed Wiltshire - 23 SEP 2016

Economic stability is not the first thing investors would associate with military rule. Thailand’s experience might pose an uncomfortable challenge to that assumption, writes Ed Wiltshire.


Christmas marooned: the demise of Hanjin Shipping

Ed Wiltshire - 22 SEP 2016

The bankruptcy of Korea’s largest shipping company could make it a difficult festive season for the country’s export giants, writes Ed Wiltshire.